Help us track the impact of COVID-19 

Childcare settings are helping us track the impact of COVID-19  by providing very brief information on operating status and attendance on a weekly basis. If you haven't registered to take part yet, please do it today and help us build the evidence base. The study is open to every registered childminder and early years setting, whether you are open or closed. Read how we protect your privacy HERE.

If you have already registered and were expecting to see the COVID-19 data portal, our data collection method has changed following the lifting of lockdown on 1 June. All you now need to do now is watch out for an email from us once a week, click on the link in the mail and complete a short online form. Please do not register again as we have all your original information and will be in touch very shortly. 

Every contribution makes a difference - thank you for supporting this important work. 


If you haven't taken part yet please

Register today 

Click here if you are running nursery or pre-school provision 

Click here if you are a registered childminder

If you have any queries about this research please do not hesitate to contact us.